Intellectual property is the most valuable resource of the economy in 21st-century global competition



Intellectual property is the most valuable resource

of the economy in 21st-century global competition


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Our Services

Tailor-Made Intellectual Property Strategies

Serviva GmbH experts support decision-makers and strategy managers, both in large companies and medium-sized technology companies, in correctly assessing the value of their intellectual property and developing tailor-made intellectual property strategies.

Guiding Principle

Serviva practises the idea of respect for the creativity of people who use their innovations and inventions to shape our world and society.

  • We always act in accordance with the law and comply with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate.

  • All information we receive from our business partners is particularly worthy of protection and we treat it with the utmost care and confidentiality.
  • Our innovative know-how embodies the intellectual property of our company and is an integral part of our success. Conversely, we always respect the intellectual property and property rights of third parties.

  • We stand up for fair competition, do not give business partners, public officials and other third parties any undue advantages and even do not make use of them.

Our Software

Secure, highly available IP management and Research Systems

With the Patselect® product family, Serviva has self-developed, professional software tools for patent research and monitoring.

In the field of IP management software, Serviva has been a partner of the Swedish software manufacturer Patrix® AB for the product Patricia® for more than 12 years.

The IP management is based on the expertise of the people who are dedicated to this topic.

The software used in IP Management for the multiple tasks is as diverse as the characters of the users behind it. With the Patselect® product family, Serviva offers efficient solutions in the area of research (Patselect) and monitoring (Patselect profile).

Our Clients

Custom Strategies and Solutions

From researching and monitoring patents to highly complex IPR analysis, Serviva provides customized services and products for many DAX30 companies and the patent departments of other large global corporations.

In medium-sized companies, only one person is responsible for patents. For this purpose, Serviva has developed special solutions to simplify daily work and make it even more professional.

Serviva has many years of experience in advising young technology companies. Emphasis will be put on the protection of your intellectual property.

A professional search with state-of-the-art technology and an independent assessment of the economic marketability of new developments are also playing an increasingly important role for universities and research institutions.

Serviva supports renowned law firms especially in the professional search and monitoring of patents as well as in the administration of industrial property rights.
Serviva provides a rapid and independent assessment of the recoverability of patents and trademarks of insolvent companies, and then handles the exploitation of intellectual property rights.