Serviva attended the LES-Germany spring meeting in Frankfurt am Main on 18 and 19 April with Munich office manager Philipp Letz.

The excellently organised event with top-class representatives from industry, law firms and judges offered interesting presentations and discussions on the following topics:

  • How does the industry deal with the Unitary Patent (UP)?
  • Keynote speech on the Unified Patent Court (UPC)
  • The reform of the Technology Transfer Block Exemption Regulation
  • Technology transfer agreements – The reform process from a practical and industry specific perspective
  • Antitrust law and licences – the Bundeskartellamt’s perspective
  • Patent pools and licences

LES-Germany spring meeting 1

The following questions often arise in the area of Intellectual Property:


“How does our patent situation compare to our competitors?”

“What aspects of technology should we focus future applications on?”

“Where are the technological white spots that we can obtain?”


This is where IP analysis come into play. IP analysis is used for two main applications: competitor analysis (“benchmarking”) and patent landscaping (also known as “white spot analysis”).

In addition to quantitative evaluation using statistical methods, there is also a need for a qualitative comparison of patent portfolios. For this purpose, Serviva uses its own Patent Quality Index.

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What factors increase the chances of successful patent exploitation?

We present best practices and practical experience for the exploitation of intellectual property rights!

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