Release of Patricia 6.0

The software manufacturer Patrix® has announced the launch of Patricia 6.0. In addition to a desktop version, a browser version will be available to the user as an add-on. The desktop application provides new functions on top of the usual ones. The new browser application was developed with customer demands in mind and is characterized by a user-friendly interface, an improved design and time-saving functions.

Synchronized web and desktop releases

The 6.0 web browser application represents a valuable addition to the Patricia software, as it enables client users to access data in real-time through any computer or mobile devices with an internet connection. The two-factor authentification ensures a secure connection. Besides, when upgrading to Patricia 6.0, every customer will have the option to access their data via two user interfaces.

Patricia 6.0 presentation

The new system, with a focus on the new browser application, will be presented at the Patricia User Group forum in Gothenburg on 9-12 May. Any client users or interested party not attending can contact us via email at to receive subsequent information.


Release of Patricia 6.0 1

Release of Patricia 6.0 2