Serviva takes over the helm on the Extended DMS ship from Practice Insight as of May 1st, 2019.

Patrix EDMS

Dr. Raphael Jung, Managing Director of Serviva, points out: “We’re happy to announce that Serviva, Patrix’ longstanding German partner, will take over control and management of the Extended DMS product add-on to Patricia® from Practice Insight. Patrix and Serviva have a great partnership and are exited looking forward to working together even more closely delivering the best possible Patricia® product experience.”


Patricia® is one of the international most successful and most flexible IP management systems on the market. The Extended DMS product Add-on makes it even better with many great functions including:


– automated email-to-case,

– full text search,

– versioning,

– automatic preview,

– flight-mode,

– electronic document signing


and many more features.


For all already using the Extended DMS nothing will change.